"It's Time to Get Up, Get Out, and Move" 

“I weighed 252 lbs and had been on every diet under the sun. I decided to make a lifestyle change; no more diets. I cut back on junk food, counted my calories so that I ate right size portions of food and most of all I joined Get Fit With Jackie and begin to EXERCISE!! I lost over 53 lbs within six months and I’m feeling great and looking great. Jesus has done a quick work in my life spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically. I give God all the glory.”

“I joined Get Fit With Jackie at 40lbs overweight and wearing a size 18W. I was tired all the time and dreaded shopping for clothes. Since I’ve been getting fit with Jackie, I am happy to say that I’m delivered from being overweight, fatigue, and from stressful shopping trips. Jackie encourages me and others to exercise at our own pace. She modifies the routines to help you succeed at your level and age. I now shop for a size 16, I feel better and my shopping trips are joyful experiences.”

“Jackie your aerobics class is the BOMB!!! I love your spirit, energy and focus. Thanks for all you do for my Spirit, Mind, and Body. Blessings.”

“I lost 25lbs during the first year of joining Get Fit With Jackie and I’ve kept the weight off. Jackie is an inspiration and her classes are always fun and varied. I invite you to come and have fun in a non-competitive atmosphere and meet new people. You will sleep better and improve your overall health. You won’t regret it, I’ll see you there!”

​"I started to get very serious about my weight so “Get Fit with Jackie" was the path God lead me to. I was trying to get it together, but I kept failing day after day but Jackie and Coach Patrick would not let me quit; they always said you can do it quitting is not an option.  Get Fit with Jackie is a team that will help you accomplish your dream. Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss; you have to know you and do what it takes for you to get where you want to be.  Thank you Jackie and Coach Patrick for pushing me and providing your incredible program and support."

R. Arthur

"After years of yo-yo dieting, which consisted of taking diet pills to drinking protein shakes to substitute meals; I discovered that all I needed to do to lose weight was make small adjustments to my eating habits, add a routine activity of exercise and have a support system. I joined Get Fit with Jackie doing aerobics two days a week, which consisted of cardio, core, and strengthening exercises to get a total body workout.  After the second week, I started getting results and people were noticing the weight lost. 3 months later and 20 lbs lighter I'm feeling wonderful.  I have family and friends who have joined Get Fit with Jackie with me and they really enjoy and look forward to working out each week. I didn't have to sign a contract or join a gym. I pay a small fee each month and workout with certified trainers. If you want to lose weight, set goals, make simple and realistic changes in your life and keep it moving; join Get Fit with Jackie today."

V. Lemon  




A Latin-based aerobic-cardio workout that uses high intensity interval training as one of the methods of burning maximum calories. It is a blend of body-sculpting dance movements and easy to follow dance steps.  

Resistance: improve muscle endurance, tones and defines biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Interval: vary intensities and activities, taking each participant's cardiovascular fitness to a different level.  

Power: targets the chest, back, glutes, and legs to promote maximum calorie and fat burn.

Plyometrics: focus on quickness, agility, explosiveness and athleticism.

Endurance: utilize mixed Martial Arts training to challenge aerobic limits and mental fortitude.

Diet & Nutrition: a complimentary component to the physical aspect of the RIPPED formula, giving you a complete wellness package to assist you in living a truly healthy life.

A self-paced program in which you move through a series of exercise stations working different muscle groups until all major muscle groups have been worked. The circuit can include machines, free weights, calisthenic exercises, resistance tubing, stability balls and cardiorespiratory equipment.    

Strengthens your lower body and improves cardio endurance. Stepping is especially helpful for toning of the legs. Our Step sessions are fused with other activities to ensure a full body workout.

Classes include a variety of exercises combining intervals of cardio-drills, upper body, lower body and core exercises for strength, endurance, functionality, and flexibility to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. So come on out and join us, we will have tons of fun.

CARDIO CORE (Stability Ball)
Focuses on your core while improving cardio endurance. Get into shape with cardio core! Includes warm-up and cool-down to maximize results.

Dance moves fused with strength and flexibility training. 

Low impact Group Fitness sessions designed with special consideration for the senior population. Focuses on Functional exercises that may be performed standing or in a seated position to strengthen the core (abs, hips, lower back) and improve balance, flexibility and functionality for everyday activities, such as lifting, transporting groceries, and working in the garden.  


Is about making the connection Spirit, Soul, and Body; the total man. Helping you to be successful in renewing your mind  concerning your health. In these seminars Jackie and Coach Patrick helps you to produce lasting lifestyle changes that impact your health and well being. The seminar includes an optional 30 minute Group Fitness class to help jump start you to a healthier lifestyle. Coach Patrick and Jackie are spirited and dynamic speakers; some of their most requested key notes are:  "Walking In Maximum Health", "Body Image, Body Confidence", "Inspiring You To Live A Healthier Lifestyle", and "Making Physical Activity A part Of Your Lifestyle."  You choose any subject and They will tailor it to meet your unique needs.


ROBERT Howard community Center 

Diamond Lakes REGIONAL PARK 
103 Diamond Lakes Way
Hephzibah, GA 30815  

1st, 3rd, 5th MONDAY (STEP fused with Core Strength & Flexibility) 6:30pm

2nd, 4th MONDAY (Cardio, Core Motion & Flexibility) 6:30pm
1st, 3rd, 5th THURSDAY (Cardio, Total Body Strength & Flexibility) 6:30pm
2nd,4th THURSDAY (R.I.P.P.E.D) 6:30pm

TUESDAY (Cardio, Core, Strength & Flexibility) 5:30pm

If you're in the local area you can Get Fit With Jackie at:

with jackie