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6 week program $45, Tues and Thurs @ 5:30pm on the field next to Diamond Lakes Library.

To Sign-Up:  


or call 
or email getfitwithjackie@bellsouth.net


 Payment is due at registration.  You may register at Diamond Lakes on Monday and Thursday 6pm - 7:30pm  in the Multi-purpose room.     

Get Fit With Jackie
   "It's Time to Get Up, Get Out, and Move" 

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Hello Friend, 
     Thank you for visiting today! Get Fit With Jackie's mission is to "Inspire you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle by impacting lives through wellness, fitness, and education."  Get Fit With Jackie provides a variety of Group Fitness activities for people of all ages and genders that are packed with excitement, energy, and inspiration.  We
are excited and ready to help you be healthier and more active .    Being healthy is to be whole and that starts from the inside out.  Living healthier requires lifestyle changes, which is more than just transforming your body, it also means renewing your mind concerning your health.  You can be an over comer of unhealthy habits and behaviors by identifying and dealing with the root of the problem.  Allow us to help you, your church, your organization, and your community to feel better, look better, and live longer.  We provide dynamic speaking engagements that inspire, motivate, and challenge our audience to cultivate inner attitudes that produce well-being through their outer practices.  We provide health and wellness seminars that raise awareness concerning your health and well-being.  So, come join Get Fit With Jackie and Coach Patrick and let us get you on your path to a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Not only are you going to achieve your goals, but you will overcome the obstacles that keep you from moving forward.  Believe it, say it, and do it; don't wait another minute its time to get up, get out, and move with Get Fit With Jackie today!


If you're in the local area you can Get Fit With Jackie at:

Diamond Lakes Community Center
103 Diamond Lakes Way
Hephzibah, GA 30815
Monday (STEP fused with Strength and Core)6:30pm                     
            1st, 3rd, (5th) Thursday (R.I.P.P.E.D) 6:30pm                                                
2nd,4th Thursday (CIRCUITS and Cardio Intervals) 6:30pm 

Washington Commons Senior Living Retirement Community 
 100 Washington Commons Drive
Evans, GA 30809

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (GOLDEN FITNESS for Seniors) 9am    


 GLASCOCK COUNTY Tuesday @ 11:30am 
Family Connection Center
370 W. Main St, Gibson GA 

BURKE COUNTY Friday @ 1:00pm
Burke County Library
130 GA-Hwy 24, Waynesboro GA

McDUFFIE COUNTY Friday @ 3:30pm
Thomson McDuffie Library
338 Main St, Thomson GA

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